Testing ProfaneDB

How testing is being performed during the development of ProfaneDB

We’ll quickly overview how we implemented the most basic testing in ProfaneDB, so that contributors can easily increase test coverage.

Random generation & reflection

The idea is very simple: ProfaneDB should test the biggest set of Protobuf schemas.
To do this, we use a random generator, that takes care of filling a Protobuf message with random data.

This post on my personal blog shows how I implemented this, and how it can be used for other projects.

Using Boost to perform tests

ProfaneDB uses Boost libraries extensively.
In this case, Boost.Random and Boost.Test.

We can give a look at marshaller.test.cpp to see how we use RandomGenerator to fill our messages.

Macros and adding new tests

The relevant bit for adding new tests shows how we use macros.

Basically we just want to make sure that no exceptions are thrown when marshalling an object.

Simply adding a new line using the macro RANDOM_TEST we can test for a new message.

Messages are stored here and are part of schema package.

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